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OxyShred is a highly advanced and targeted supplement developed by the gurus over at EHP Labs. Oxyshred by EHP Labs is designed to kickstart a complex process of super-efficient functions that helps your body process calories and give you energy. This breakthrough product has stood the test of time for popularity and taste - order yours today to find out why!

When you have Oxyshred by EHP Labs you’ll:

  • Support calorie processing, to help you achieve your weight goals
  • Support energy requirements, which will help you crush your workouts and help sustain you while dieting
  • Support fitness goals with a supplement that helps you feel like you can go further in your performance
  • Support body composition, when used in combination with the right diet and exercise program

When you're training hard, the last thing you want is to be ruining it with the wrong diet. The challenge is, dieting is tough! You need to make sure you're in a calorie deficit over a sustained period of time to notice results. As you lower your calories, you can find yourself feeling hungrier, leaving you at risk of sneaking in a few too many cookies and blowing out your energy intake. On top of that, you'll naturally start feeling fatigued as your energy stores get lower. By using Oxyshred by EHP Labs, you will have a supplement that helps keep your energy and motivation levels high while you're chasing your body goals. To help you with healthy weight management Oxyshred by EHP Labs contains a carefully designed matrix of ingredients that can assist you to process calories over the course of the day. Order your Oxyshred by EHP Labs now to see and feel the difference!


Each serve of Oxyshred by EHP Labs has:

  • L-glutamine 
  • Vitamin C
  • 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine 
  • Tyrosine
  • Taurine
  • B Vitamins
  • A "hyper-lipolysis matrix":
    • Acetyl L-carnitine
    • African wild mango
    • Chromium picolinate
    • Conjugated linoleic acid
    • Coleus forskohlii
    • Green coffee bean extract
    • Grapefruit seed extract
    • Guggulsterone
    • Higenamine
    • Naringin
    • Octopamine
    • Oleuropein
    • Phenylalanine
    • Raspberry ketones


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